Thank you to all of our Patients who have shared their testimonials.  We are excited to help you reach your health goals!

“I had never stepped foot into a chiropractor’s office before visiting Dr. Ethan and I never plan to step foot into another one. He is friendly, knowledgeable, cares about my health and well being. He listened to my problems and concerns and addressed each one. He makes me feel very comfortable and his office is family friendly place. I had to bring my kids with me a few times and it was not an issue. I highly recommend Elite Chiropractic!”
— Melissa

When you get where you’re going, don’t forget to thank the people that helped you get there. We are on our journey back home from vacation and got to see and do some amazing things. I made the choice to invest in my health before our trip because I have struggled with “hip” pain since college. It had gotten to the point the pain was affecting my daily activities and mood. I mostly kept quiet about it but those close to me could see it. I’d sought help for it before and felt like treatment gave mixed results or that the treatment plan was designed around my insurance deductible. I decided to give Dr. Ethan try at Elite Chiropractic in Baldwin City. He really listened and helped me get to a place where I can honestly say I’ve felt better than I have in around 20 years. His services are affordable (I didn’t use my insurance). I have more work to do, but I climbed half way up a mountain on the trip. That should speak for itself. When it comes to health, why not?
— -Brandi

After visiting other Chiropractors with mixed/poor results, my husband and I are now seeing Dr. James.
Dr. James is effective, gentle, and really takes the time to understand the problem.
He has a variety of helpful techniques that have greatly reduced our pain and improved our quality of life.

Thank you so very much!
— Mike & Kat

I was happy to see a new Chiropractor in town, so I tried Elite Chiropractic out. I was very impressed with them from the get-go. I was suffering from low back and hip pain that was so severe I was contemplating surgery or a career change as I am a construction manager. After a few visits, I knew I made the right decision to come to Elite Chiropractic. I now feel back to normal and continue to go in for preventative care.
— Ty

I spent 78 years of my life not knowing about the advantages of chiropractic care or even seeing a chiropractor. As I’ve gotten older, my hips especially have given me trouble. I continued to see my PCP and it was always the same story... not much you can do but take some over the counter pain reliever. I was tired of relying on pain reliever all day. I contacted Dr. James on a wild hair and I can honestly say it’s been a great decision. My hips have improved tremendously and my overall health has as well. Dr. James has been great about not only treating my problem area but giving me personalized exercises to combat pain at home. I feel so much better from day to day and feel confident that with Dr. James’ treatment, I won’t have to go back to relying on pain relievers.
— Elizabeth

My job requires me to teach children in many different facets. I am an Agricultural Instructor. I teach a lot of things in the classroom, as well as in the metals shop. With this being said, I am up and down a lot and in multiple positions. I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a year ago. With all this, I was developing a lot of headaches and other muscle pains. I take many medications to help with the symptoms, but the headaches were still effecting my everyday life. I began seeing Dr. James upon the advice of other patients. His services have helped me cope with my symptoms and have made me sleep better, I no longer feel sore during my classes, and has given me the energy to keep up with high-schoolers all day long.
— Kacee

I’ve been working with Dr. James for several months now. I had been having headaches upon waking and also a muscle on my neck wanted to cramp up. With Dr. James adjusting me I no longer suffer from either of those. He’s very professional but also very personably and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Dr. James!
— Terri